Redstone Chibi Builds: Cobblestone Printer

The cobblestone printer is a great way to put out a sheet of cobblestone and free up some of your time to something else. Whether you’re setting the base for and awesome build, or just need something to generate cobblestone, this article will show you how to set up a cobblestone printer.

A cobblestone printer can push out an 11X13 block sheet with just 8 different items. A few cobblestone blocks, a sticky piston, at least 12 regular pistons, a redstone block, up to 14 redstone dust, a redstone torch, a lava bucket, and a water bucket.

Step 1)

Let's get building with a small handful of cobblestone blocks. Take 1 end and place 2 cobblestone blocks next to one another, then another 2 with 1 space in between. On one end, place 1 cobble stone block at the top without corners. On the other end, take out 1 dirt block from in between the end 2 blocks. Go out by 1 block and mirror this same process at first. However, you just want 3 blocks total on the other side. Instead of 2 of either side and 1 on top, you’ll want 1 on either side with 1 on top.

Step 2)

Take a bucket of water and dump it in the longer end of the structure. The water should flow into the hole you made at step 1. Afterwords, take your bucket of lava and place it at the short end. The water and lava should come together and make cobblestone in the middle.

Step 3)

The machine we’re using for the printer is simple and repetitive. Starting it off, we’ll need to place 1 regular piston on the side of the created cobblestone. This will be pushing the blocks outwards towards the rest of the build. Place 1 redstone dust behind the piston and leave the space behind the dust empty. Go next to that space and put a redstone block down. Set up a sticky piston behind the redstone block with 2 spaces of redstone dust next to the blocks. This will keep the sicky piston pushing the redstone block repeatedly. The block will set off the piston to push the cobble stone and start the printing process.

Note: A lever can be added to the machine with a few more pieces of redstone dust to give it an on and off switch. This is completely optional.

Step 4)

From the lava side of the machine, lay out a row of 11 regular pistons. These guys are going to push 1 line of cobblestone blocks at a time until there are 13 rows of it. After that, they won’t push any further.

Step 5)

Place your redstone torch 1 block forwards and 1 block down from the last piston in the row from step 4. After that, take redstone dust and place it across the top of all 11 pistons. Attach them by placing 2 more spaces of redstone dust, 1 right next to the pistons, and another that sits next to but above the redstone torch.

The way this entire machine works is as follows. The runoff from water and lava creates a block of cobblestone in front of a piston. A redstone block sets off its own sticky piston, pushing itself repeatedly. Every time the redstone block is pushed forward, the regular piston pushes a block of cobblestone forward. This continues until the line of cobblestone covers a redstone torch. The redstone torch sets off 11 pistons and pushes the line of cobblestone out of the way.

And there you have it. One fully functional cobblestone printer. Use it to generate an infinite supply of cobblestone, lay out a set base for more complex build, or get creative and make a whole new machine out of it. The sky is the limit. Thank you for reading.



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