Redstone Chibi Builds: Armor Stand Theater

Some of the little things that can be done with redstone can be pretty entertaining. Why not decorate it a little and make something out of it. Introducing the dancing armor theater.

We’ll be building the dancing armor stands with a stage surrounding the mechanical work. This doesn't include the giant building but it can be set up were ever you want. Putting in a little extra fun to a redstone trick I’ve seen done a few times. Here’s a list of item names if you’re having trouble finding some of the parts.

Armor stand, oak wood planks, redstone torch, redstone dust, redstone comparator, oak wood stairs, oak wood slab, oak wood trap door, lantern, red wool, red banner, wither skeleton skull, netherite chestplate, netherite leggings, netherite boots, poppy, stone sword.

If you’re looking for something to chuckle at for the end of this build, put an ender dragon skull on one of them. I find it kind of funny.

Start off the build with a 15X6 rectangle of oak planks. Inside of that rectangle, put 6 planks inside. Leaving 1 block of space from the front of the build and 1 block of space between each plank.

Here’s where the redstone comes in. Put an armor stand on each of those solo planks you just placed a moment ago. The redstone torches go on the front of those planks. Redstone dust is placed in between the armor stands and their respective torches. Comparators are going to be what keeps the armor stands moving. Place half of them behind the armor stands so that only 1 point is up against the stand. The other half is placed with the 2 points against the redstone powder between the stands. Another row of redstone powder behind the comparators starts the machine.

While the armor stands start to dance, you can put a lid on it all with the oak wood slabs. Place oak wood stairs along the front of the build.

Now it’s time to start the curtain call. On either side of the build, place oak fences 5 blocks tall. Go inward twice and up once again before connecting the two sides. Take oak wood trap doors and place them under the fence line before putting and extra fence on the inside of either side of the tallest line. A lantern goes underneath those fence pieces.

Red banners are placed along the fence line. Another row of banners is put on the trap doors for a layering effect. Followed by placing three banners down either side were the fence starts.

Go to the back of the build with red wool blocks and start a sort of zig-zag pattern over the oak slabs 2 blocks at the far back and 1 towards the front. The last parts on either side should be 1 block closer to the front than the rest. Stack that pattern to 4 blocks tall with wood slabs on top. More wool is placed in another zig-zag pattern in front of the far back pattern. This pattern is 2 blocks tall from the top of the build and also has oak slabs on top of it.

Light up the stage with more lanterns strategically placed in the folds of wool. Sort of like well-hidden spotlights. Once the lighting is to your taste, dress the armor stands with wither skeleton skulls and armor. Add the flowers and swords as props and your actors are ready to shine. I hope you find this build entertaining. Thanks for reading :)




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