A lot of the monsters in Minecraft are simple to understand.

Zombies, witches, skeletons, giant spiders, phantoms and more. The rest are specific to the game and give it more originality.

In a small moment, during one of my experiments, I noticed something about these monsters. The thing that they will attack, above all else, is you.

In this article we are going to test each mod in Minecraft and see how docile they are to each other. This is going to be a two part article. It could also be a three part.

Each monster is going to be in its own cell made of bedrock. This material will prevent extreme damage from mods like creepers.

The monsters that we will be going over in this video are as follows.

  • Creepers
  • Skeletons
  • Witches
  • Slime cubes
  • Spiders
  • Zombies

These are some basic monsters in minecraft and are common in the game. What we are looking for is if these monsters will attack anything else besides the player. Each one will be in a dark cell with other creatures to see how they interact.

We’ll start with the spider.

To keep this monster at an aggressive state, I set the time of day to night with host privileges. From there, I had placed one of everything inside one by one. If one wasn’t dead within 20 minutes, I personally would kill it and move on to the next one.

I started the experiment in the spider cell with a villager. For the entire time, the villager paced back and forth, while the spider spent most of the time on the ceiling. After killing the villager I tried to make it easy on me, by framing each egg and destroying the ones that survive 20 minutes. Making sure to repeat this in each cell. I did skip the cave spider and the regular spider, since I am testing this all on one spider. I also skipped the Ghast, because I was not willing to deal with that mess. He was too big for the cell. Something bigger will have to be built when it’s his turn.

After a long day of timers beeping, monster slaying, and spider solitaire, I went through almost every single creature in the game. I did learn a bit about specific creatures.

  • An endermite will despawn in a bedrock cell after 4 minutes
  • A phantom will continually knock a spider down from its corner as the phantom needs to be constantly flying
  • A vex will phase through the walls and just not bother
  • Pilligers, Evokers, and Vindicators will stare at the spider and follow it around
  • I need to stay in the room to prevent despawning
  • A ravager will drop a saddle, I didn’t even know what a ravager looked like until I did this

By the time I reached the ravager, I stopped waiting 20 minutes each and looked for instant hostility. After all, I am trying to publish this on time, and already was taking two days worth of staring at a screen. Even though watching a phantom and a parrot bully a spider was entertaining, I need to get this going. There was not a single thing that this spider would attack. The only thing that this monster will munch on is you, the player.

After trying this with the other 5 creatures, the odd idea that monsters will only attack a player is interesting. The zombie did attack a villager, but it seems as though there’s something specific about the player is makes it so darn tasty.

My though is that it has to do with us being outsiders. Much like how the human body rejects foreign material, such as an organ implant or a virus, we could be alien in this world and monsters attacking is the worlds way of getting rid of you.

What are your thought on this. I do want this article to reach out to one of my favorite YouTubers. I think I would have a heart attack if MatPat so much as likes this.

spooder boy by Suzachi devianart



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