Chibi’s Guide to Minecraft: Potions Chapter 4

Nightmare notes
3 min readJun 22, 2022


Keeping things rolling with chapter 4 of potions. Today, we’re going to go over the corrupt versions of our secondary potions. So, turn those books to page 27 and let’s get started on Chapter 4, Potion Corruption.

Corrupting a potion requires just one vital ingredient. That ingredient is the fermented spiders' eye.

To ferment a spider's eye, you’ll need a bit of sugar and one brown mushroom. Assemble it on a crafting table. Make sure you make plenty, we’ll be corrupting plenty of potions today.

Not every potion is corruptible. However, the few that can be include the potion of night vision, potion of leaping, potion of swiftness, potion of healing and potion of poison.

Potion of slowness

In some cases, one fermented eye can corrupt these two potions and turn them into one particular potion. Both a potion of swiftness and a potion of leaping will make two potions of slowness at the cost of one fermented spiders eye.

Once consumed, a potion of slowness will appear as greyish-blue bubbles with a ball and chain icon on the top right of your screen. Its consumer will experience a drastic change in their speed for around a minute and thirty seconds.

Potion of Harming

A similar scenario can be said for the potion of healing and potion of poison. While they are opposites, the corrupt the same. One fermented spiders' eye can turn these two into potions of harming.

Potions of harming behave the same as potions of healing. Its effects are instantaneous and don’t show any lingering effects like bubbles or icons. Instead, whoever consumes the potion will have three hearts disappear at minimum. The opposite will occur for undead mobs.

Potion of invisibility

This particular corruption can be seen regularly in use by wandering traders. A potion of invisibility is the result of a corrupted potion of night vision.

When consumed, the potion of invisibility will take effect with light grey bubbles and a mirror icon at the top right of your screen. Rendering your character completely invisible with the exception of any items in your hand.

Corruption can also occur in the versions of these potions that have been enhanced to either last longer or impact harder. Corrupting a stronger potion of healing will result in a stronger potion of harming, a longer lasting potion of night vision will make a longer lasting potion of invisibility when corrupted…You get the idea.

While you’re exploring the mystical world of potion making, you may find that some potions don’t have a corrupted state. These include potions of strength, potions of regeneration, potions of water breathing, etc.

And with that, class is dismissed. Feel free to reference any of the previously covered material if you have any questions. Or just ask. Thank you for reading.