Chibi’s Guide to Minecraft: Potions Chapter 2. Bottle Morphing

Welcome to chapter 2 of potions. This time around, we’ll be looking at bottle morphing. We can also call it bottle transfiguration, if you’d like to make this sound like a class at Hogwarts.

Let’s say you’ve got everything ready to brew a potion of weakness. You’ve got your fermented spiders eye, your water bottle, and your charged brewing stand all ready to go. Before you start brewing, you decide that you’d rather throw it at a target rather than try and make the target drink it. Well if you happen to have a bit of gunpowder in your inventory, you can turn the water bottle into a splash water bottle. Let’s go over how shall we.

Please keep in mind that all of this is based off of Bedrock edition information. Those of you who prefer Java edition may find a couple differences.

Splash potions and lingering potions let you throw your brew at a given target. Whether that’s yourself and friends around you or an enemy at a distance.

You can make a splash water bottle by brewing gunpowder in regular bottles before brewing the actual potions. So far, you can’t make an already existing potion a splash potion in bedrock edition. It needs to be a water bottle first.

Here I have brewed a splash potion of regeneration. I can throw this at my feet or at a friend. You’ll see the pink swirls go splash down where it’s been thrown and anyone within the splash zone will get its effects.

Making a lingering potion requires one extra step. The water bottle that you’re looking to transform will need to be a splash water bottle first. After brewing in some gunpowder, you’ll need a bottle of dragons' breath to make lingering water bottle.

A lingering potion is similar to a splash potion in how it can be thrown. However, instead of a quick distribution of your brew, throwing this compact version of a splash potion does a little more than that. Once it’s been thrown the swirls, and the effects that come with it, will start off as a large cloud of swirls. Slowly fading away until the lasts little whisps of it are gone after a few seconds. Anyone caught in or passing through the splash zone will be affected. That includes you if you’re not careful.

Just to recap what all we’ve gone over today. Brewing gunpowder into regular water bottles will morph them into splash water bottles for any splash potions that you’re looking to brew. Meanwhile, adding dragons' breath after the gunpowder will turn them into lingering water bottles. I hope this chapter was helpful. Thank you for reading.



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