Chibi’s Guide to Minecraft: Cats

Nightmare notes
3 min readFeb 9, 2022

Minecraft cats used to be the result of a tamed ocelot, and after watching my roommate bait one into her house so she could ask me why she couldn't tame one anymore, I couldn’t help but chuckle as I got myself together to make this article for her. Hopefully this helps anyone else returning to Minecraft after a long time away from it.

The cats that can be found in villages are going to be feral and fearful of you. Running away as you get closer or pass them by. While you’re wondering the village, they can be spotted hunting small game and warding off creepers. If you want one for yourself, you’ll need a small handful of raw fish on hand and a bit of patience. They’ll creep close enough for you to attempt to tame them as long as you’re still. Some people get lucky and tame a cat with one fish. However, you’ll want around 10 on hand just to be safe.

Once a cat is tame, they’ll follow you, sit on command, and continue to send creepers running. Take note that creepers will try to find a way around the cat if they’re chasing you. You’re not 100% safe just because your pet cat is around.

Another neat trick that these felines do is give gifts. As long as they aren’t seated, they’ll leave you a small surprise at by your bed while you sleep. These gifts are influenced by what is around that they can collect and bring home. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have a chicken coop set up next to your house. You’ll start to notice the population of your chickens drop while your cat wakes you up with feathers every morning. Other than that, you’ll find string, feathers, and sometimes phantom membrane as a good morning gift from your fluffy best friend.

Throughout the day, they’ll wonder around you and take a seat by themselves on chests and beds. Thankfully, the game has fixed it so you can still get in your chest with the cat on top. They’ll purr and meow in a wide range of ways while their eyes follow where you go.

If something happens while you’re out and about with your cat, a couple more fish can be used to restore health. You aren’t going to be able to monitor the health of a cat the way you would dogs with other raw meat. However, feeding them after all health is restored will cause them to breed. If they have little hearts floating above their heads, you know that they are healthy and happy. I hope you found this article helpful. Enjoy your Minecraft cat and thanks for reading.