Chibi’s Guide to Minecraft: Bees

When the big bee update was launched during December of 2019, an adventure world by Razzlebarries followed suit in the marketplace to teach everyone about this new mob. Similar to a tutorial world but with a short storyline and unique characters.

Since then, we’ve had 2 major updates and some players have never even heard of the “Way of The Bee” map. New players might see these adorable creatures and not understand what to do with them. So, here’s an introduction to bees and what they’re all about.

The nests are placed in the tree. The hives are made of wood and in a line.

up to 3 bees in Minecraft will typically spawn in with a hive or “bee nest” attached to a tree. From there, they get right to work. Pollenating flowers and making honey inside their little homes before getting a good night's sleep at the end of a long workday.

When a hive or nest is full, it will appear to ooze honey. At this particular stage, you can either collect honey in a bottle or sheer off some honeycomb. In order to do this safely, you’ll want to make sure that there is a campfire underneath the hive. Bees will become hostile, and die after poisoning you, if their home is disturbed without campfire smoke.


Make sure you place the campfire at least a couple blocks beneath the hive or nest. Having a campfire too close gives the risk of catching the bees on fire

Once you have enough honey or honeycomb, a couple things can happen. Honeycomb can be used to make beehives, candles, and honeycomb blocks. Meanwhile, a bottle of honey can cure you of poison or collect enough of it to make entire blocks of honey.

When they pollenate flowers, they leave behind a small trail of pollen on their way back to the hive. This trail acts similar to bonemeal and will advance any crops in its path to its next growing stage. This means keeping bees nearby is a great way to speed up crop production.

Baby Bee pollenating a poppy.

A quick and easy way to obtaining bees after making a hive of you own is to overpopulate old hives. While you can lure bees with flowers and leads, most will return to their original nest once they’re released. However, breeding these bees with flowers will create a baby bee. The baby bee will either need to go and find a new home or will take up space and leave an adult be behind. If you decide to rehome a baby bee, they can progress to adults on their own or be fed more flowers to mature faster.

There are more creative ways to obtaining bees for your home. For example, a tool that has been enchanted with silk touch will give you a bee’s nest rather than destroying it. Using this tool at night will not only help you collect a hive but will also hold the bees sleeping inside. Place that nest wherever you want, and you are already set to go with three bees.

Planting a tree in a flower field will also have a chance at spawning a bee's nest. Complete with 3 brand new bees. This can become an issue if you’re just looking to lumber the trees. Just be ready to run home after taking the tree and hive down. Talking from personal experience. Thank you for reading.



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