Chibi Builds: Village Makeover Part 9

Nightmare notes
3 min readJun 30, 2022


I found a village in my article map and now I’m rebuilding it. Giving it a makeover one building at a time.

While there are plenty of rebuilds left to do, today I’m going to put in a cartographer's office. It doesn’t have a specific name in the Minecraft wiki, so that’s what I’m going to call this.

This is a villager's designated space for cartography. A warm, cozy place for this busy body is what I’m shooting for. The inventory used for this build are as follows.

Oak log, oak planks, oak stair, oak slab and oak door. Cobblestone block and stair. Glass pane, torch, bookshelf and spruce wood stair. Birch stair and trap door. chest, cartography table, item frame and map. Yellow and white carpet.

I’m starting this build on the outskirts of the village. Some sections are really cramped and need some fanning out. Getting it started with a small and open layout. Framing everything with logs and cobblestone. Meanwhile I’m continuing the idea of using trap doors as shutters and one cobblestone stair placed upside-down above the door.

Continuing with logs sort of like beams in a normal building. This can add dimension to the inside of the build. Especially when it’s paired with oak slabs instead of blocks. Gives the roommate cabin vibes while it reminds me of my grandparents' old place. It’s really homey in my opinion.

The logs can also be used to transition between mediums. Here, I’ve started using more oak planks and used it as a starter to the roof with stairs. If you feel like the roof should be taller, that’s up to you. Personally, I wanted to keep it short while still giving it enough layers to prevent that leaky appearance when it rains.

With the outside just about done, all that’s left to do is decorate. Keeping it cozy for the cartographer with yellow and white carpet. Add the job block to a sort of L-shaped desk and give them plenty of storage. Some guest seating and bookshelves to fill in some of the gaps and complete the office. You can also hang up a copy of your world map.

If it’s a locator map, this can be a great way to pin the location of the village to your map. Want to learn more? I have an article on copying maps already published.

Once it’s all done, you’ll be left with a cozy office space for your village's cartographer. I hope you and your villagers enjoy. Thank you for reading.