Chibi Builds: Village Makeover Part 8

Nightmare notes
4 min readJun 23, 2022


I found a village on my article focused map. Now I’m rebuilding it one build at a time.

For today’s makeover, I’m thinking the pens that the villagers keep animals in could use some improvement. There are a couple of these fenced in pens without animals in them. So, let's give this village some adorable shelters.

The build is going to include the following.

Oak plank, log, stair, fence, gate and door. Cobblestone block, slab, stair and wall. Mossy cobblestone steps and blocks. Birch trap doors, glass panes, a chest, hay, torches and a bucket of water. Animal eggs, bone meal, grass blocks and dirt path blocks.

I know it’s a lot compared to what the villagers already have. I promise it’s going to look really good at the end though.

Remember, these are not step by step. This is a rough build to show my process. It can be for people to use and interpret how they chose, or just be a quick read. let’s get started.

I started off by taking out the existing fencing and replacing it with a half indoor and half outdoor layout. Keeping the end of the fence close to the existing path while, keeping an eye out for any access points are, is going to be doing these villagers a favor. More often than not, a grumpy villager just got themselves stuck in a pen and can’t get to where they’re going.

One row of stairs is added up against hay that I used as flooring. The ends are cobblestone blocks for the walls to sit on. I kept the wall completely open besides that.

To keep with the style of the village, oak logs are placed in the corners and used to frame the oak door. Walls contain glass pane windows, and each window has birch trap doors for shutters. This is also a good time to start adding torches where they’re needed.

I started using mossy cobblestone to indicate where I would put the water troght. Then, I spread out the placement of various blocks to make it look like the pen had a cobblestone floor with hey spread out everywhere. This was all after getting the lighting right inside.

The troght is made up of mossy cobblestone and regular cobblestone stairs. Following the pattern on the ground to make it look like the moss is spreading. This pattern continues to the open wall.

Filling the stairs with water has a lot of room for error. You’ll want to make sure all of the stairs are connected before adding water.

Once that was done, I set up a shallow roof that goes three oak stairs up. Since the space between the top stairs is three blocks apart, I added an upside-down stair in the middle. The same goes on the other side of the roof.

A couple finishing touches to blend it in with the village is going to wrap up the build. I set up more hay bales at ground level just outside of the open wall. Filling in the rest with some overgrowth using bone. Then, each of the gates, including the door are connected to the nearest village path.

Once everything looks ready, it’s time to add in the animals. I added cows to this first one.

I didn't feel like one was enough, so I went and added a couple more. One designated for pigs, the other for sheep. Making sure to spread them out across the village. Until next time, thank you for reading