Chibi Builds: Village Makeover Part 7

Nightmare notes
4 min readJun 16, 2022


I found a village in my article world and we’re giving it a makeover one building at a time. Slowly creating a whole new village.

I didn't continue the pattern of rolling dice. While I found it really fun, the list is getting small enough. It’s a little easier to choose now. I had some decent inspiration with today’s makeover to boot. I might do something different with the dice at a later date.

Rebuilding the Terracotta house is going to include every block involved in the original. However, I’m going to make it notably bigger with personality. The build is going to include the following items.

Oak planks, stripped log, stairs, doors, saplings, and fence. Cobblestone, Mossy cobblestone, and while terracotta. Birch stairs and trap doors. Red and white carpet. Glass pane, polished andesite stairs, candle, flowerpot, torch, clock, painting, and item frame. Bed, chest, jukebox, crafting table, and furnace. Iron helmet, chest plate, leggings, and boots. Trident and armor stand.

As always, the builds aren’t going to be like the typical step by step builds. This is more of a rough walkthrough of my process. It may spark inspiration to a reader looking for build ideas or just be a fun read.

I start off by tearing down the original building and laying out the foundation for the new one. Using the cobblestone to border the outside of the build and separate the rooms. The striped logs made up the corners to each cobblestone edge as well as framing the door.

The terracotta walls came up next with glass pane windows on nearly every wall. Birch trap doors are set up as shutters on either side of each window. Oak stairs lead up to, and top off, the oak door.

An oak interior wall closes off what will become the bedroom. The room that will become a kitchen is going to be left open. It’ll have a sort of arch rather than a full wall. The space closest to the door is going to be an open living space.

I kept the kitchen pretty simple to avoid putting in any job blocks inside the house. I’m a sucker for big kitchens with a bunch of counterspace. Instead of wood or general stone, I went with polished andesite stairs for the counters.

When I started decorating this house, I wasn't sure what type of vibe to go for. After some trial and error, the house started to take on the vibe of a retired adventurer. Settling down in the village to enjoy the simpler things. Hanging up a suit of iron armor and a trident. Maybe said person likes reading by the open window or baking while listening to music in the kitchen.

If you’re into D.N.D and have a hard time decorating builds I strongly suggest busting out those dice and making an NPC character.

The bedroom is pretty small. So, instead of doing anything fancy, I went with something pretty simple. Two red beds with birch stairs as nightstands, A couple paintings here and there, and a few chests as a sort of closet. I could’ve gone about this in a few different ways, but I’m still ok with how it turned out.

Once the inside was done, it was time for touch ups on the outside. Take a minute to do a quick check to make sure that every window has shutters and add torches where they’re needed. Finish off the roof with more oak planks and slabs. At the end of it all, we’ve got a cute terracotta rancher just across from a community campfire. I can’t wait to see how the village looks once it’s all done. Thanks for reading. =)