Chibi Builds: Village Makeover Part 5

I found a village in my designated article map and I’m going to give it a makeover. One building at a time. Instead of a building, I’m going to rebuild the well.

Just like every other time. This is not a step-by-step tutorial on this build. It’s more of me just messing around and showing you guys my process. If it turns out that you guys want some of these builds laid out as a tutorial, let me know and I can do that.

Instead of having the small well double as the bell zone, I’m going to be making a sort of village square with a separate bell display, a big flower bed with a tree and a larger well.

I started off thinking that I was only going to do the well and only really needed a few items, but I went a little overboard and had to rethink what all I was going to use. The item list is as follows below.

Mossy cobblestone block and stairs. Cobblestone block, stair, and slab. Oak fence, trap door and sapling. Grass and dirt path blocks. A water bucket, torch, stripped oak log, chain, bell, Azure Bluet and bone meal.

It sounds like a lot for a well, but the results were completely worth it in my opinion.

I started by putting down a temporary bell for the villagers to link up to. Then, I took out and leveled the entire existing well. The landscaping was also leveled to make this easier on me.

To start it off I brought the bottom of the well deeper into the ground. Taking the two very bottom and widening it by 1 block all the way around. Instead of leaving dirt at the bottom, like the original, I used mossy cobblestone to line the bottom.

Once I reached the top of the base, I made sure that the water was also at the top. While it’s hilarious to see a mob stuck in the well. When it's me, the golem, or the last surviving villager, it's not as funny. I decorated the outside by adding a layer of cobblestone on the ground and setting up pairs of stairs on each side of the well. Alternating between mossy and regular cobblestone to give it a bit of age.

While building up to the roof of the well with oak fence, I decided to trade out that last fence at the top corners for stripped oak. Setting up torches on each one to really light the area up.

The roof to the well starts off with cobblestone stairs on top of the fenced area. Going inwards, I put in upside down cobblestone stairs and regular blocks. Topping off the blocks with cobblestone slabs and lining the outside with those same slabs.

Once the roof was done, I decided to play around with the base some more. Adding some more cobblestone blocks to the ground level area. Then, I went to the underside of the ceiling. Placing an oak fence with some chain leading to the water. Sort of like rope for your well water bucket. A cauldron would be too big, and I don't really know what to use to make the illusion of a bucket. So, I decided to leave the chain empty.

The bell display was set up similar to the well. The base is made up of three cobblestone blocks with upside-down stairs all the way around. Oak fence and stripped log hold up the roof made up of more stairs and slabs. Using a chain to suspend the bell from the roof. Lighting up the area with a few torches and this part of it was good to go.

The flower bed was more of an afterthought after going through and redoing the pathways. In short, a three-by-three square area of grass blocks were set up in a blank section between different pathways. An oak tree sapling was placed in the center. It took a couple tries before getting the right three height to generate. Since I had Azure Bluet already in my inventory from messing with the pathways, I used them to fill in the empty space. The sides of the flowerbed were then lined with oak trap doors.

At the end of it all, I got this adorable meeting area for villagers to gossip in. I hope you enjoyed the process and maybe give it a try on your own map. Thanks for reading.




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