Chibi Builds: Village Makeover Part 12

Nightmare notes
3 min readJul 21, 2022


I found a village in my article focused map. Now I’m rebuilding it one build at a time.

This one is going to be short, sweet, and to the point. Why, you may ask. It’s because I’m rebuilding the small plots of farmland peppered across the village.

Only a couple changes will be made. I’ll be laying it out in the ground rather than on top of it, adding fencing, changing the location of the composter, and giving it a bit of light. The inventory used to do so are listed and shown below.

Oak logs and fencing. Composter, farmland, buckets of water, seeds, and torches.

This initial plot is going to be growing wheat, but you can grow whatever you want in yours.

Starting off, I tore down the old set up and dug out one layer of dirt in a 7X7 square. After that, I outlined said square in oak logs and filled it in with farmland and water. The layout for the tilled soil and water is set up to replicate the previous plot of farmland.

The fence on top of the logs isn’t going to keep rabbits. However, it’ll give villagers an easy way in and out without jumping and undoing the tilled dirt. That’s if it doesn’t end up consistently trampled by other mobs. The composter is moved to the outside the fence and torches are put on each end of the fencing.

I did this a few more times with carrots and beet roots. It can be made bigger or smaller if you want or need. You’ll see that the carrots are now sitting where the small house was from our last build.

It’s entirely up to you what you’ll want to grow in yours. If you plan on growing pumpkins or melons, having farmland that is two blocks thick isn't going to be an option. Instead, tilled dirt will sit closer to the water and the actual pumpkins or melons will spawn on dirt inside the fence.

Thank you for reading.