Chibi Builds: Village Makeover Part 10

Nightmare notes
4 min readJul 7, 2022

I found a village in my article focused map. Now I’m showing my process in rebuilding it. Taking it one build at a time.

While this village may look small. It’s dense in buildings. With quite a few repeat buildings scrunched together. That being said, these next few builds are going to include spacing things out. Starting with this leatherworker's shop. This is otherwise known as a tannery.

By the time I’m done with building, it’ll be unrecognizable. Keeping most of the same materials, the inventory used for this build is listed below.

Oak log, plank, stair, slab, fence and door. Torch, spruce trap door and stair. Cobblestone stair and block. Birch trap door and stair. Smooth stone, cauldron, armor stand, glass pane and chest. Yellow and white wool. Last but not least, a brown banner.

It’s not shown in the image. However, I also used complete sets of leather armor in this build. While we’re at it, the bookshelf ended up unincluded in the build.

Just like every rebuild before, I started by demolishing the existing building and putting down the layout of the new build. Logs and cobblestone blocks make up the outline of the physical building. Oak planks are set up for the interior floors and deck.

This build is going to sit just a few blocks away from the original sight. While the deck overlaps where the old building used to stand, it still gives the new building space from others.

Instead of the cobblestone walls of the old building, I used oak planks with stairs above the two doors. One for the main entrance, the second leading out to the deck. Glass pane windows are partnered with birch trap doors that stand in as shutters. Cobblestone stairs lead up to the main entrance from the dirt path.

As I’m building the walls up, I’m also putting down fencing around the deck. Once I’ve put up the log beams, I’m ready to start on the roof.

The roof is built in this short T shape, starting just above the windows. Fencing connects the far end of the deck to the end of the roof. Torches are placed on either side of both doors once the roof is finished. The two torches on either side of the deck door appear to provide just enough light for the entire deck.

On one side of the shop there’s a desk for two leatherworkers to work on. Two cauldrons with a spruce stair on either side of them and trap doors facing the rest of the store. The birch stair stands in as a chair.

Yellow and white carpet is set up in front of both doors and behind the desk. There are chests at several locations throughout the shop and four displayed suits of leather armor near the deck door. The shop is lit with torches placed on logs and near the window behind the desk.

The deck is decorated with another birch stair and smooth stone blocks. Oak fence runs along the middle of the ceiling to hold two rows of brown banners. This is supposed to look like hanging sheets of leather.

By the end of it all, we now have one shop for two leatherworkers. The shop itself is a little wider now, and the veranda has been replaced with a deck. There’s plenty more builds like this coming soon and plenty ready for reading until next week. I hope to see you then. Thank you for reading.