Chibi Builds: One with the bees

After building that massive hive for a beginner's guide article on bees, I figured that it may be fun to build one that someone could live in. Giving someone the opportunity to live among a bunch of bees. Most builders in Minecraft could be classified as the busiest of bees, so it might be a very fitting home for your builder friends.

This type of build is going to be more general. Leaving room for any tweaks, creative freedoms, and other such adjustments. It’s also a type of build geared towards creative mode players. However, if you have the time and the know-how, it would be an impressive survival build. If you do that, please post about it. I want to see what crazy things you guys do with this. The fundamental parts to this build are as follows. Honeycomb blocks, blocks of honey, shroomlights, beehives, bee nests, oak fence, campfires, orange glass blocks, yellow glass blocks, and well…bees.

Bedrock seed: -396688751. Cave coordinates -171, 85, 510

Pick your poison

Think of a type of block that can be found all over a cave. Got it in your head? Awesome. Take that information and go find a cave with an insane amount of that block. I chose dirt and went on my way to find this narrow cave with a wide opening behind me.


Now that you’ve found a suitable cave, take all of the visible blocks of whatever you had in mind and replace it with honeycomb blocks. After that, you’ll want to take the blocks of honey and shroomlights and place them strategically throughout the cave. This is great for adding other textures to a build.

Keep in mind that, if you don’t want your shroomlights to stand out too much, you can place them deeper into the cave and cover it with blocks of honey. The honey is a translucent block, so you’ll still have your light source. If you feel as though the place could use more, don’t be afraid to go into the stone. You want to make it look as though the bees have taken over the area and have been there for a while.

Get creative

Once you have all of your terraforming done, it’s time to lay out where you and the bees will be staying. Place long pieces of oak fence off of the roof of the cave to place the nests and hives in strategic places. Any nest or hive that you plan on harvesting from should include a campfire underneath it. Be sure to keep it a safe distance to avoid catching any bees on fire. Afterwords, set up shop however you like. I used the yellow and orange glass blocks to make the area for humans appear more open faced and involved with the hive. This also gave me the ability to harvest from inside my part of the hive using trap doors.


If you’re still struggling to keep the bees away from the fire. Use glass panes, or similar items, to cut off access while keeping the smoke around.

Once you’ve built to your hearts content and laid out your home how you saw fit, introduce bees to the cave. Depending on how you go about this, it may take a while. It can be as simple as using spawn eggs or the difficult methods of rehoming some existing bees. If you need a few tips on that, go to my previous article “Chibi’s Guide to Minecraft: Bees” for tips. Thank you for reading. :)




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