Chibi Builds: Hermit Home

While it doesn’t look like it at first glance, there’s a cozy little home here. Creating your own little shire or simply wanting something that blends in with the environment a bit better is easy to achieve with this build. With that being said, let’s go through the steps to building your very own hermit home. It’s not exactly a Hobbit hole, but it can be an adorable home for solo gamers like myself.

You’ll only need a handful of these items if you want to do the interior differently. The basics for this build include wood planks, wood stairs, a wooden gate, a door, lanterns, cobblestone, and dirt. After the shell is done, you’re free to do what you want. However, I’m going to go through how I put together this particular hermit home. Take a minute to look over the inventory that you’ll need in the screenshot.

Step 1) Start Digging

Find yourself a suitable area where you can dig down a couple blocks deep. For this build, I went down one block from where my door would be, letting the landscape swallow the home in a way that appeared natural. Dig out an oval that comes out to 9 blocks wide and 11 blocks long. Line your floor with cobblestone before building up by 4 blocks with wooden planks. There should be a fifth block above the doorway and stairs on the inside.

Step 2) Make it Dirty

Take your dirt and start to cover what is above ground so far, making sure to create slopes as a way to blend in with the rise and fall of the landscape. Afterwords, take stairs that are the same type of wood as your planks and place them upside-down along the top row of dirt. The doorway doesn’t get stairs above it.

Step 3) Top it Off

You’ll need to put down wood planks to top off your build before its sealed in with more dirt. As you’re building, make sure you leave a hole at the top. This hole should sit with one block between the upside-down stairs on one far end of the build.

Step 4) The Door

This is especially important if you intend of using this build on a survival map. Place your door in the created doorway and set your wooden gate in front of it. When you set up the gate, you’ll see that it needs to be placed at the block directly in front of the doorway to prevent mobs hugging the door. It’ll save you plenty of creeper induced headaches once you get the hang of opening your door from a few blocks back, trust me.

Step 5) Interior Decorations

After you’ve completed the building, feel free to decorate however you like. Personally, I set up a kitchen around a bubbling cauldron set up. I did this by placing a hay bale 2 blocks under the floor, placing a campfire on top of the hay, placing a cauldron over the fire, and setting up a trap door where the hole was placed. The trap door thins out the amount of smoke leaving the home while open and it can be shut to prevent mobs from getting inside.

Step 5) Enjoy

Don’t be afraid to have some fun with the interior of your hermit home. For instance, I had a field day incorporating parts of the most recent update into the design. There’s a bunch of roots fanning out from the ceiling, moss carpet to cover some of the floor, candles, and a flowering Azalea to fill this home with all sorts of life. Another particular detail I included is a full suit of iron armor, sitting on an armor stand, posing with a poppy. It’s a small detail from a creative world that I’ve played on in my spare time. I’ve gotten so far as to add lore to this little world of mine.

Regardless of my tangent, I really hope you have enjoyed this build. Thank you for reading.




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