Chibi Builds: Giant Chest

Want to give the players in your world a larger-than-life experience? There are dozens of ways to build common items into massive structures. Some of these items may prove difficult or it seems to complex. Starting off with something a little easier can help build your confidence to tackle more complex build. With that being said, here’s an awesome practice run using a chest.

This practice run is going to be made out of wool for the most part. If you want to experiment with other textures and materials to get your desired look, go for it. That’s what this kind of build is for.

The chest itself is 12X12X10. 12 blocks wide, 12 blocks long and 10 blocks high. The outline of this being in black while filling in the walls and floor with brown. Once the bottom is done, the lid is a similar concept. However, you’ll want to go 4 blocks high rather than 10. Make sure that the lid connects to the bottom by making the two lines of black wool diagonal from one another.

The silver lock or clasp is 5 blocks tall overall and sits over where the lid would meet the front if it were to close. 2 blocks of light grey should be sticking out with 1 block on the lid. Black wool outlines the grey without any corners.

The inside of the chest can include a few types of blocks. For this one, I used honey, dark prismarine, oak wood and glowstone. Each block becomes a 4X4X4 cube that can be places and arranged in the chest however you see fit. When stacking, make sure you leave at least one wall bare for any wool made items.

A splash potion bottle can be added to your chest using white, lime, and pink wool. Use an item frame and a copy of the splash potion or other items for reference. This bottle is 7 blocks tall and 9 blocks wide.

I really hope this build helps out in your world building. Thank you for reading.




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